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Nidec Elevator provides the best platform and a good working environment for every staff. We hope our employees perform well and have a successful career. To become part of our family, each staff has to perform the following:

-Be professional and skillful



-High self-expectation

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Position:Sales Manager/Engineer
Job Description
1.According to the sales department system, responsible for the jurisdiction of the region's market operations management, project information acquisition and tracking;
2. Keep abreast of the progress of major projects under the jurisdiction of the region, regularly follow the progress of the project every month to ensure timely landing of the project;  
3.Handle the problems of the customers and distributors in the assigned area in time, responsible for the correspondence documents,including consultation,liaison,instruction,report,application and so on;   
4.Establish and improve the sales and service network of the areas under their jurisdiction,and formulate the marketing plan and work plan within the jurisdiction;
5.To ensure the company's competitive position in the region under the jurisdiction,and constantly expanding market share;

6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job Qualification

1. College degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical marketing;

2. More than 2 years of relevant sales experience in elevator, engineering, large mechanical and electrical products, familiar with local real estate market and Architectural Design Institute, and have extensive network resources;
3. Excellent communication skills, keen grasp of customer needs and in accordance with customer needs to make the corresponding product quotations and production of tender documents;
4. Have a strong sense of customer service, hard work, hard work style, strong goal oriented, fast learning and strong ability to understand; 
5. Skilled in office software, complete all kinds of data reports and analysis reports;
6.Understand basic knowledge of civil engineering, Negotiate and sign the contract independently , and follow up and implement the production and delivery of the products according to the contract, and responsible for the recovery of all sales;
7. Elevator maintenance and sales experience is preferred.

Workplace: the key cities in Jiangxi、Guangdong、Shanxi、Shan Dong Province

The Reasons You Choose Us
About The integrity of our company
1. All posts entered the day signed labor contracts, the month to pay five insurance and provident funds (companies and individuals 10%); outdoor jobs also enjoy supplementary medical insurance;
2. All the post-trial period to enjoy 100% full pay, namely probation salary = positive wage.

About The paid vacation
1. Enjoy national holidays, such as marriage, maternity leave, paternity leave, sick leave and other legal holidays;
2.Enjoy the national standard paid annual vacation,up to 15 days a year;

About The warm-heart action
1. Staff physical examination:  The Company provides free medical examination for employees on the job, and cares for the health of employees;
2. High temperature welfare: High temperature allowance is given every year during high temperature season and the company offers relieving summer-heat soup, ice cream, drinks and so on;
3. Emergency services: The Company is equipped with ad hoc emergency rescue teams, emergency medicine, medical institutions, to provide emergency medical services for the sick staff for the first time;
4. Work Environment: all hardware equipment in the factory area is all international first-class facilities, strict implementation of 3Q6S management, clean environment, fresh air, and ensure human health;
5. The company bus: The Company has regular bus in three directions: Qingdao, Huangdao and Jiaozhou;
6. The free work meals: The diet committee is set up by the Trade Union Commission of Nidec Elevator. The diet committee needs to supervise staff meals and choose dishes every week. The company offers two meals one day and has new tricks every day .Every meal has characteristic pastry, two   meat dishes, two vegetable dishes and fruits in season;
7. The union condolences: employee unions new specialized personnel condolences to care;
8. Nidec family day: For Thanksgiving dedication to the company staff, The Company holds family day activities every year, inviting families of employees to visit the company and participate in the family party.

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Contacts:Rita Huang
Add: ChuangXin Rd, Jiaozhou Economy & Technology Development Area, Qingdao City, Shandong Province